Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How To Avoid Activist Burnout

How To Avoid Activist Burnout
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Animal activism is a long hard road and we are often belittled and ridiculed. It is all too common to let the harsh realities of animal suffering and the actions of humans get to us. While we live free of ignorance when it comes to the lives of animals, knowing these things can be hard to carry. While striving to stay active in the animal rights community, it is also imperative to take a step back to avoid burnout. This is as much for the animals as it is for you, you will be able to make a greater impact when you are well balanced and focused.

1. Take A Break

It can seem like when you aren't doing something for animals it is a waste of time. First of all you have to change that thought process. Taking a physical break and temporarily turning our mind off of all the work we have to do for animals, will for one spur our creativity on new and inventive ways to help them. Taking a physical break like yoga, meditation or getting a massage are great ways to recenter yourself before getting back to the work at hand.

2. Find Positive Motivation

We are all motivated to action when we see some of the horrible things that happen to animals. Whether that's in books, films or undercover footage, these negative images have a place in getting us motivated to stop these atrocities. The danger with negative motivation is that it can get you down pretty fast. It's not easy seeing horrible images day after day. This is a large contributor to activist burnout. This is where positive motivation can really help. Try looking for positive meditation. This is any motivation that stems from hope or happiness. A good source of this could be farm sanctuaries or adoption videos.

3. Exercise

It's no secret that exercise is good for you for all sorts of reasons. Between stress relief and the endorphins released, exercise is necessary for any well balanced activist.

 4. Have A Non Animal Related Hobby

It's healthy to not let something take over your life. Make sure you have a hobby or interest that isn't animal related. I love to read. That is a hobby I love that has nothing to do with my activism work. Taking the time to enjoy other things in life will only improve your interacting with others and your work for non human animals.

5. Travel

Traveling the world can change how you see it. Experiencing different cultures can not only expand your knowledge of animal issues abroad but enrich your life overall. Not to mention trying amazing vegan food from all over the world!

6. Spend Quality Time With The Animals In Your Life

The animals we love can be one of the most rejuvenating things in our lives. So, cuddle up with your dog, cat or other furry friend and relax.

All of these actions will not only better the quality of your life but will strengthen your activism in the long run.

How do you avoid activist burnout? Let me know in the comments below!


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