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In The News - February 15, 2015

In The News - February 15, 2015
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I hope you are all having a lovely President's Day weekend. Here are the notable vegan/AR news from the week!

Second NYC Public School Goes Veg

This is a really exciting development. It really gives me hope that parents and teachers are taking the health and well being of their children seriously. I'm sure this school will come under some fire for this progressive and forward thinking decision, but I'm glad that they are putting the future of their children first.

Vegan Diet Benefits Obese Children, Cleveland Clinic says 

This story ties in closely with another school in NYC going veg. The Cleveland Clinic has completed a study showing that a vegan diet can be a crucial took in battling childhood obesity in this country. This news seems obvious but it great to have it in a study from the reputable Cleveland Clinic.

Kentucky is the Nation's Worst State for Animal Welfare

This is pretty sad news. It looks like Kentucky has a long way to go to be a safe and desirable place for animals.

Dairy Industry Launches New Misleading Campaign

This is a very interesting article that brings to light the new tricks that the dairy industry is using to keep people consuming cruel and unhealthy cow's milk, while constantly trying to belittle plant based milk. They are truly one of the most manipulative industries of our time.

Combat Swine Flu by Going Vegan

This article says that going vegan could be key to stopping a epidemic that has made the jump from animal to human from killing a large portion of the human race. We all know that keeping animals in extemely confined conditions increases the creation and spread of diseases which at this point could easily make the jump from animal to human.

What news have you heard?


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