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In The News - February 22, 2015

In The News - February 22, 2015
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Hi everyone! Here is the notable vegan/AR news from the week.

Greyhound Racing NSW board steps down after animal welfare "failure"

This was a very sad story to see. Greyhound Racing NSW has been in the news since evidence surfaced of them using live rabbits, possums, and piglets as bait for the greyhounds to chase around the track. Their board has now disbanded because of the video evidence that has been made public. This is a horrific case of animal abuse which was implemented to train race dogs in yet another horrific animal usage industry.

Business don't live in fear of animal activists. Why charge them as terrorists?  

This is an interesting article about how animal activists have been painted and charged as terrorists. This ridiculous development over the last couple of years has really put fear in non-violent activists that are trying to make the world better for animals. This isn't to say that activists are beyond the law, but an activist the participates in non-violent civil disobedience should be charged as a terrorist. This really shows how much power the animal use industries have in our government.

Death of Vancouver Aquarium beluga in Orlando SeaWorld renews breeding debate

The death of a beluga whale at SeaWorld has again brought up the ethics of keeping marine animals in captivity. The whale was undergoing treatment for an infection from a jaw injury that it received from an "interaction" with the other whales it was housed with. This of course is something that would unlikely happen in the wild because animals are able to flee from aggressive interactions if need be. They will be doing an investigation on the exact cause of death and should have the results in a few weeks. This sad and unfortunate death will hopefully lead to more serious debate on if these types of animals should be kept in captivity.

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