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In The News - February 8, 2015

In The News - February 8, 2015
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This is the first post of a new series I am starting called, In The News. Every Sunday, I will post and comment on notable vegan and AR (animal rights) stories in the news. I think this will be a great way to address and spread awareness about important matters that are happening in the vegan community.

New Georgia Aquarium VP Allegedly Hit Dolphins, Activists Say

SOS Dolphins have released a video of the new Vice President of the Georgia Aquarium which allegedly shows him kicking, hitting and screaming at Dolphins during his time as a trainer. The Georgia Aquarium said in a statement that "Barbero's 35 years of professional experience have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the leaders of the Georgia Aquarium." They also said they have a zero tolerance policy against animal abuse. From the video evidence in the article above, it looks like they may have to walk the talk when it comes to their own policies.

 California Appeals Ruling That Allowed Foie Gras Again

The California Foie Gras battle continues with California Attorney General filing an appeal to the overturn of the states ban on the "delicacy." I truly hope California keeps fighting to keep this cruelty out of the state.

Restaurant Gets Hate Email From "Cross Fit" People For Trying To Go Vegan

This is a really sad and disappointing story. GustOrganic in New York City is slowly turning their menu completely vegan and because of this, they are receiving hate mail from their past patrons. I was compelled by this story because when a situation like this arises it is imperative to support businesses that are making a transition to veganism. If you live in the NYC area, make sure to show them some support!

NOAA Delivers Historic Decision On Lolita The Orca 

I think this was the biggest news of the week. After originally being denied endangered species status when her Orca population was declared endangered in 2005, NOAA finally has granted Lolita endangered species status with the rest of her family who are still living in the wild. Since her capture from the wild in 1970, Lolita has been held captive for the last 45 at the Miami sea-aquarium in an illegal sized tank. This could be a crucial move to get Lolita out of the the aquarium and into a sea pen where she can actually be an Orca. I'm really excited to see this situation develop.

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