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In The News - March 1, 2015

In The News - March 1, 2015
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Sorry this is a day late! Life has taken over. Here is the vegan/AR news for the week. 

Firemen honored for rescuing horse trapped 'chest deep' in river

Sometimes it's hard to see the good side of people when there are so many people in the world doing harm to animals. That's why I think it's important to share stories like this. While it's unlikely that the man who saved the horse from the river is vegan, it does show that people do have a genuine connection to animals and hopefully that connection will only grow into choking a compassionate life.

America’s First Vegan Elementary School Started by James Cameron

James Cameron is doing more and more for veganism everyday. He and his wife are opening the first all vegan school in the U.S. which will not only help animals and the planet, it will pass on the message and ethics of a compassionate life on to the next generation.

Changing Her Tune: From Cattle Rancher’s Wife to Vegan Animal Sanctuary Owner

Renee King married a cattle rancher and then turned the cattle ranch into a animal sanctuary. She is now a vegan and doing amazing things for animals. The article also features other farmers who have changed their ways and are now helping animals instead of raising them for food.

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