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In The News - March 15, 2015

In The News - March 15, 2015
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I hope everyone is ready for an amazing week! Here is what's happening in the news.

Sam Simon Dedicated His Life To Animals, Leaves Them His Fortune

It was a sad day for animals when Sam Simon died. He has done so much for animals, some of which are written about in the article above. Now after his death, his fortune will continue to help animals for years to come. If there were more people like Sam Simon, the world would be a much better place for animals.

Ohio Cheese Company Changes Policies After Animal Cruelty Accusations

Being from Ohio, stories like this always catch my eye. Ohio is one of the biggest dairy producers in the country and therefore they get a lot of attention for animal cruelty. One of the suppliers Great Lakes Cheese uses was exposed for animal cruelty through a Mercy For Animals investigation. They have now put in comprehensive animal welfare policies which prohibit their dairy suppliers from performing certain procedures, such as tail docking, which really should have been a no brainer from the beginning. While this of course is a positive improvement, I think that the below quote from Nathan Runkle sums up how Great Lakes Cheese can make these changes actually effective. 

“While this is one of the most comprehensive animal welfare policies ever adopted by a major U.S. dairy company,” said Nathan Runkle, president of Mercy for Animals, “we encourage Great Lakes Cheese to make this policy more meaningful by engaging third-party auditors to ensure that these standards are enforced.”

Dog Owners Alarmed at Beneful Lawsuit as Purina Denies Claims

This lawsuit is quite disturbing. 3,000 pet owners are claiming that their pets were poisoned by Beneful dog food, many of them resulting in the pet's death. I would never feed my dog this kind of food regardless but these people believed that they were feeding their beloved pets safe dog food. I am interested to see what happens, if this suit goes to court.

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