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In The News - March 23, 2015

In The News - March 15, 2015
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Happy Monday everyone! Here is the AR/Vegan news of the week!

Pigs tattooed with Disney characters and Louis Vuitton logos before being sold for more than £50,000

This is a disgusting story I saw this week. The pictures are just atrocious. This "artist" started tattooing pigs in China where, as we all know, the animal welfare laws are very lax. Now he is selling them for than 50,000 pounds with these horrible tattoos. How anyone could think this was an ethical thing to do or buy is beyond me. 

SeaWorld hires Dollywood CEO to bring them afloat

SeaWorld is trying to save their dying industry by hiring a theme park big wig as their new CEO.  He used to be in charge of several large theme parks and I'm guessing that SeaWorld is hoping that he will turn their parks into money making machines again instead of making the necessary and ethical changes that are needed. Only time will tell how this situation will turn out.

Thousands around the world celebrate spring by going meatless for a day

Thousands of people around the world celebrated the first day of spring by going meatless thanks to the animal rights organization, FARM. They organize the program called MeatOut every year. Spring is a time of rebirth, so it's a perfect time to have people confront how their diets and choices effect the world and the beings that live with us on it.

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