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In The News - March 29, 2015

In The News - March 15, 2015
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I hope you are all resting up for an amazing week ahead! Here is the animal news for the week!

Animal Rights Activists Protest Proposed Miami Megamall's Sea Lion Show

The city of Miami is planning to build a huge mall called, "American Dream Mall" and plan to have a live sea lion show in the middle of the mall. There are a lot of problems with the plans for this mall and the sea lion show is just one of them. Who's ridiculous idea was it that it was entertaining or ethical to have sea lions living and performing in the middle of a mall. I'm sure the smell alone will have people flocking away from the mall and taking their money with them. It's only a proposed idea at this point so hopefully it will never make it into the completed plans for the mall.

Japanese teacher sparks outrage after getting students to dig graves for five stray kittens he buried alive

A teacher in Japan found five stray kittens and then buried them alive in a grave that he had his students dig. The teacher didn't tell the children why they were digging the hole and this all came to light when one student that was told what the hole was for told their parent. The teacher admitted to burying the five kittens alive because at the time he didn't know what to do with them and they would have died anyway. The police are now investigating. He could face up to a year in jail or a hefty fine. I'm sure I don't have to comment further on how sick and disgusting this story is.

Elephants Prevent 18-Wheeler From Tipping Over Along Louisiana Highway

When a 18-wheeler trailer truck carrying 3 Asian elephants to a circus started tipping over on the side of a highway due to heavy rains the elephants came to the rescue. The put their bodies up against the trailer to prevent it from rolling into the ditch. It amazes me that these elephants will help stop this trailer from falling over into a ditch even though it is the vehicle that transports them from city to city to perform for people. That's no life for an elephant or any animal but they still didn't want it to happen. Then of course once help came the trainer is pictured trying to move the elephants with a bullhook (Grrrrr!) This story really shows the sweetness and gentleness of elephants even when we treat them with no love or respect.

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