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In The News - March 8, 2015

In The News - March 8, 2015
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Hi everyone, I hope you had an amazing weekend! Here is the vegan/AR news from the week!

Ringling Brothers Will Drop Its Elephant Act
The big news of the week was Ringling Bros. announcing that they will be retiring elephants from their shows by 2018. Of course, we would all like to see this happen today but I think that having elephants out of the largest circus on earth within three years is a major success. This didn't happen because Ringling suddenly decided it was wrong to treat large intelligent animals this way. This happened because of the pressure from the public and animal activists everywhere. We are constantly told by people that we really can't do anything for animals. Change anything for animals. This proves them wrong. Keep going. It's working.

‘Ag gag’ law criminalizing documentation of farming abuses passed in Wyoming

I was very disappointed to read that Wyoming is the latest state to pass an "Ag Gag" law. These laws make recording and reporting abuses on farms a criminal act. The life saving work that undercover investigators (or anyone for that matter) do through organizations like Compassion Over Killing or Mercy For Animals will now be considered criminals for bringing the truth to the public. This says that the public should not be allowed to know what happens behind the walls of a farm or slaughterhouse even though the majority of Americans are paying for products that come from these types of environments.  With the passing of this law, Wyoming has made it very clear that they do not make food, worker or animal safety a concern. Hopefully, we will see a lawsuit filed soon to get this unconstitutional law thrown out.

Bill would offer protections for domestic violence victims' pets

This is SUCH an important issue. So many victims of domestic abuse will stay in a dangerous situation because they don't want to leave their pets behind. A bill has been introduced that will extend the federal law to include protections for animals that are involved in a domestic abuse situation. This bill is vital to the safety of domestic violence victims and their beloved pets.

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