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In The News - April 12, 2015

In The News - March 15, 2015
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Hi everyone! Here is the vegan/animal related news of the week.

Its Official! A Vegan Diet is the Best for You!

This is the big news of the week. For the first time ever, the federal Dietary Guidelines have been changed to say that Americans should avoid eating meat and dairy products and follow a vegan diet. This is amazing. While I'm sure, most people will continue eating the unhealthy western diet that is killing animals, ourselves and the planet, for the government to officially acknowledge and recommend a vegan diet for it's citizens is huge. I think one of the most important things that will come from this change will be the school lunch program. This will affect the amount of meat and dairy that children are fed in the school system which in the past, has been a way for the government to buy meat and dairy from unsustainable farms. This new change will thankfully turn everything on it's head.

It’s official: Millennium coming to Rockridge

More great news! The vegan community was gutted when Millennium, which has been voted many times as the best vegan restaurant in the world, announced it would close it's doors after 20 years. Their location, which is in a hotel, was sold and they are being forced to close. Now, the Millennium team has announced that Millennium will reopen in Oakland (just across the bay) in early June. Rejoyce vegans, it's a great week to be us!

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