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Traveling Vegan: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Traveling Vegan: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam. One of the most beautiful and cultured places I've been to yet. My favorite city in the world, London, now has some serious competition! Not only is there tons to see and do, there is something for everyone. As a museum lover, I have never been to a city with such a volume of well attended museums. It's like a learning playground! It's amazing to visit a city that not only embraces the vegan diet but the vegan lifestyle. Amsterdam embraces all facets of living vegan. Not only is vegan food plentiful and delicious in Amsterdam, it has a huge variety. From traditional comfort food to 100% raw, you can find it. Get to Amsterdam fast and feast on the food below!

Traveling Vegan: Amsterdam, NetherlandsOlive and Cookie
Saenredamstraat 67
1072 CD
Amsterdam, Netherlands
 +31 20 470 7190

Oh Olive and Cookie! How I adore you. This was the cutest and friendliest place we ate in Amsterdam. To top it off, the food was so amazing we came back a second time! Olive and Cookie is a vegetarian restaurant, but the sweet couple that own it are happy to point out all the vegan options.

The little yellow restaurant is small but has so much charm, you don't mind sharing the one large family style table with the other diners. You order the food from the display and pay by weight. We were so full after we ate and it was all for a very reasonable price. The choices change daily, but some of our favorites were the mushrooms, grilled veggies and the chickpea salad.

Alchemist Garden
Overtoom 409, 1054 JP
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 334 3335

Alchemist Garden is a live and raw restaurant near the beautiful Vondel Park (Amsterdam's version of Central Park.) They have tons of gluten-free options but beware (!) some of their baked goods may contain honey, so make sure you ask before making a selection. 

While the food was good, as you can see, the portions were unusually small and quite expensive. I would highly recommend Alchemist Garden for a fast snack rather than a full blown meal. Shown here is the club and the zucchini pasta with pesto. If I remember correctly, this is the only raw restaurant in Amsterdam so it's a great resource if you mainly eat raw and want to stick with that when you are traveling.

Traveling Vegan: Amsterdam, NetherlandsVegabond
Leliegracht 16
Amsterdam, Netherlands+31 20 846 8927

There is nothing about Vegabond that isn't adorable. It opened in 2014 and seems to be off to a great start. Yay! Vegabond is about half grocery store and half cafe. But the important thing is that it's all 100% vegan! If you're staying in Amsterdam and are looking for snacks to tuck away for later or to take home, this is the place for you. Their grocery section is pretty large, even compared to most of the vegan shops in the states.

We took a seat and ordered the same meal two different ways. I ordered the tofu scramble sandwich with white bread and my husband on spelt. As you can see with a different type of of bread, they came out quiet different but were both delicious. The chips mine came with were good enough for us to buy a bag from the grocery. Also pictured is a tempeh wrap that I got for later that honestly, didn't blow my mind. I would definitely recommend Vegabond for eating (especially brunch) and grocery shopping!

Note: Vega-life, which is an all vegan clothing/accessories store is about a 4 minute walk from Vegabond, so make sure you check it out! (Vega-life's details are in the honorable mentions section)

Traveling Vegan: Amsterdam, NetherlandsGolden Temple
Utrechtsestraat 126
1017 VT
+31 20 626 8560

Golden Temple has some seriously good food and a seriously amazing atmosphere. It's vegetarian but all the vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. This place is so amazingly decorated, it's a feast for the eyes and the stomach. It really has a magical feel to it. The food is hardy and filling which is just what you want when you've been walking around the city all day. Here is what we had and loved!

Two Mexican corn tortillas. Served with spicy black beans, sweet potato, lime and spinach. Topped with fresh seasonal salsa, guacamole, coriander and a fresh salad.

Aromatic South East Asian Coconut Curry lemon grass, lime leaves, seasonal vegetables and tofu, topped with fresh coriander. Served with lime and cashew nut red rice.

Note: It's usually a good idea to make reservations here. It may be empty it may not be but stay on the safe side and make one.

Notable Mentions

Vega-life (All vegan clothing/accessorizes store)
Singel 110, 1015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 620 4097

Frans Halsstraat 29
1072 BK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 679 9609

What are your favorite vegan spots in Amsterdam?

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