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Traveling Vegan: Dublin, Ireland

Traveling Vegan: Dublin, Ireland
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On my trip around Ireland a few months ago, I was so excited to head back to the capital city to try some of their vegan fare. Our last trip was so fast, we didn't even have time to have a meal there! When you're in a country that is known for it's rolling hills and green countryside, taking in a city like Dublin is a different part of the Irish experience. Luckily, Irish cities are pretty easy places to find vegan food (in between, not so much) and I was particularly excited to try two.

Traveling Vegan: Dublin, IrelandCornucopia
19-20 Wicklow St.
Dublin 2
+353 1 677 7583

Traveling Vegan: Dublin, IrelandCornucopia is probably the most well known veggie restaurant in Dublin. It's vegetarian but always has their vegan options clearly labeled. We went for dinner and found out just how popular it is. The restaurant it's self is large but we still found it difficult to find seating (apparently there is also upstairs seating, but we didn't venture up.) Honestly, ordering can be a little chaotic but the food is worth it. We ordered the potato pancake type thing with the bean and potato salad. BOOM! These choices were delicious. They have a large selection of salads that you can chose from as your sides. The food was so good we couldn't leave with out trying a dessert. The chocolate fudge cake, I was less impressed with. If I remember correctly, it was raw and raw food is usually a hit or miss with me. Unfortunately, this was a miss. I would love to try a few other dessert options the next time I'm there. To sum up Cornucopia, come one, come all to Cornucopia! Dublin's epicenter for vegan food. 

Traveling Vegan: Dublin, IrelandThe Breakfast Club
Unit 23 George's Street Arcade
Dublin 2
+353 86 391 5401

Traveling Vegan: Dublin, IrelandI love the following things. Breakfast. Pancakes. Brunch. Pancakes. Pancakes. Pancakes. Despite my level of love for pancakes, I don't have enough vegan pancakes in my life. So when I was researching places to eat in Dublin, I jumped at the chance to try The Breakfast Club.

It's a really cute little place that's right inside St. George's Arcade. The Breakfast Club shares a space with frozen yogurt joint, Yogism, but they both operate from the same counter. We ordered "The Vegan One" with some alterations. Mine came as is, with buckwheat pancakes, pineapple, almond butter and coconut whipped cream. Since there are tons of toppings available for the frozen yogurt bar, my husband was able to order the same pancakes but with chocolate chips and almond butter (he's not a huge fan of fruit, but I'm working on it!)

These pancakes were out of this world and kept us filled until we reached Belfast later that evening. The girls that run it are very nice and make the pancakes on the spot as you wait. This place is a must see (or eat), if you are a pancake lover visiting or living in Dublin. 

What are your favorite vegan spots in Dublin?


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