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Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals

Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals

On October, 17 I was fortunate enough to walk with hundred's of other Farm Sanctuary supporters in the Walk for Farm Animals. This annual walk raises vital funds for Farm Sanctuary's life saving work. I thought I would share some thoughts and experiences from the walk this year.

Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals
Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals
The day of the walk was a strangely humid day in San Francisco and my husband and I arrived and got checked in right before the walk started. We always like to walk near the front of the group so we don't get separated from the group because of the constant cross walks and it gives us a chance to chat with Farm Sanctuary founder, Gene Baur.

The crowd this year was the largest I'd seen yet and that's a good sign of the number of donations that were raised this year. 

Along with the funds raised to help keep Farm Sanctuary saving animals, the walk is also a great places to build community and make new friends.

As many of you know, John Stewart of The Daily Show, and his wife Tracey are planning to open a animal sanctuary in the near future. This has brought a lot of new attention to the plight and rescue of farmed animals. 

Little did I know, Gene played an unknowing but crucial role in educating John and Tracey about the life of farm animals. I wanted to share a story that Gene told during his speech at the end of the walk about the power of small actions.

Gene told us that someone left a copy of his book in a vacation home in New Jersey. This was the same vacation home that John and his wife rent when they are in the area. Tracey found Gene's book in the home on their next visit and was moved by the message.

This lead to a dinner with Gene, John and Tracey where they were able to discuss Gene's and Farm Sanctuary's mission more in depth. This dinner led to Gene's great appearance on The Daily Show and put Tracey and John on the path to opening their own sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals This all happened because one person thought to leave Gene's book behind for others to enjoy.

Every seed planted, has unlimited potential. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Oh, and Happy World Vegan Day!
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