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Traveling Vegan: Belfast, NI

Traveling Vegan: Belfast, NI

Belfast is my husband's hometown, so naturally we spend quite a bit of time there while we are visiting Europe. Honestly, Belfast has been one of hardest places to find vegan options in my travels, so we spend most of our stay eating his mom's home cooked vegan meals. Though many European cities are bursting with delicious vegan options, Belfast is not yet there. Thankfully, every time we return we can usually find one additional option. So, don't fret if you are planning a trip to the north of Ireland in the future. It's becoming more vegan friendly every day.

Raw Food Rebellion
Permanently Closed :(
336 Lisburn Rd
Belfast BT9 6GH
07711 933656

Oh Raw Food Rebellion! Where have you been all my life? I was so happy to see that another vegan restaurant had opened in Belfast on my most recent visit. I assumed the restaurant only served raw vegan food, but when we arrived for lunch, they offered us a full cooked lunch menu. The food at Raw Food Rebellion is the best vegan food I've had in Ireland hands down. While places like Cornucopia are top dog in Dublin, Raw Food Rebellion rules Belfast. Everything here was amazing and the staff is super friendly and helpful.

I started out with an original hot chocolate with hazelnut milk. I've never had hazelnut milk before and it was an amazing nutty addition to this hot chocolate. I loved it! My husband and a few others at the table tried a "Snow Ball" latte. This is sweet latte with grated coconut on top. Everyone seemed to love it.

All this food was over two visits, within two days, because I couldn't get enough. First on the menu was an open faced sandwich with hummus, tomato, cucumber, and greens, which was very good but nothing compared to what was coming.

The Goddess Glow Bowl was really refreshing and tasty and would be prefect for those few warm and sunny days in Belfast.

The Roasted Chickpea Caesar Salad was my husband's absolute favorite thing. He said it was the best caesar salad he has ever had and believe me, he has had a ton of vegan caesar salads. I really enjoyed it too.

The Mexican Burrito Bowl was my favorite thing. This bowl was out of this world and I had it on both of our visits. The ingredients seem simple enough but the flavors that are infused in them and how they interact together was unlike any burrito bowl I have ever had. I wish I had one in front of me right now. Sigh.

The Rebel Tacos were a great surprise. The zingy Asian slaw is what caught my eye on the menu and boy it was the ingredient that stood out. With some similar ingredients to the burrito bowl, I loved these flavors and the Asian slaw was unlike anything I've had before. Just amazing flavors.

With all of these amazing courses, we couldn't walk out the door without trying dessert. Our delightful server suggested a chocolate and mint cake. Our whole table dug in and it was a real delight. Sweet enough to satisfy but not sweet enough to make me regret it later.

Raw Food Rebellion is really on the fore front of redefining food in Belfast, which honestly has been pretty disappointing in the past.

That Vegan Cafe
141 stranmillis road

That Vegan Cafe was another great surprise we had while we were in Belfast. While we were in town we heard about another vegan restaurant that had recently opened, so of course we had to try it. The day before we left, we headed to That Vegan Cafe for some breakfast which it seems they specialize in. Their breakfast menu is larger and more robust than their lunch menu.

Of course, Matt and I had to try the full cooked English breakfast. I had tea and Matt had a latte with his. This English breakfast was amazing! Every part of it went so well with all the other parts of the plate.I can't even pick out a highlight because everything stood on it's own so well.

As we were eating our breakfast in the busy and cozy cafe, we saw a huge beautiful cake disappearing a slice at a time (at 10 a.m.!) and I just had to try some. So, we ordered a huge slice of the Victoria sponge cake and it was DIVINE! Perfect breakfast dessert! That's a thing right?

If we had more time, we would have frequented That Vegan Cafe many more times! Until next time!

22 Wellington Place

Home is a great place to go if you are vegan. It's not a vegan restaurant but with so little options in the city, this place can be a life saver. They have a decent size vegan menu for lunch and dinner, which offers healthy dishes that can be made starter or entree size. Though, most of the options are salads or sides, you'll enjoy your healthy vegan meal in this really trendy restaurant.

We had the tofu and a couple of sides for our meal and it was really enjoyable. Especially, to have our own menu to choose from. Home is blazing the trail for vegan friendly restaurants to come in Belfast.

Black Bear Cafe
17 Stranmillis Rd.

The black bear cafe is a super cute little cafe across from my husband's alma mater, Queen's University. It's obvious that this cafe is geared toward the students at the university so it makes total sense that they would offer some vegan options.

They have several vegan options each day and the day we stopped in we ordered the hummus sandwich with edamame salad. The food was really filling and healthy which is a great when you are traveling and healthy foods can be few and far between. They were served on a square of wood which I thought was really unique. Make sure you stop in if you are in the Queen's University area.

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