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Traveling Vegan: Galway, Ireland

Traveling Vegan: Galway, Ireland

Galway is the quintessential Irish town. Poky cobbled streets, little shops and rain. Lots of rain. If you visit, you will experience all of these things and then be told how great the weather was the week after you left. Despite the weather that haunts almost every corner of Ireland, Galway is a great place to visit and is extremely charming. At first glance, the vegan traveler might cringe at this small town thinking they will have to live off protein bars and fruit during their stay, but fear not. Surprisingly, Galway has several vegan options that will make sure you can enjoy the little town without worrying about your stomach.

Fat Freddy's
The Halls
Quay Street
Galway, Ireland

Fat Freddy's is a American style restaurant in the heart of Galway. The place is pretty small, like most spaces in Europe and the wait on a Sunday night was 20 minutes. They have vegetarian items clearly marked on their menu, most of which can be prepared vegan. Do ask which vegan items are fried in oil with animal products because it took us a few employees to get the correct answer. We had veganized pizzas and were very happy to be out of the never ending rain and have warm food in our stomachs.

Food for Thought
5 Lower Abbeygate St.
The Docks
Galway, Ireland

I had planned to eat at Food for Thought on a rainy Monday morning in Galway but I was surprised to find it closed, not knowing that June 1 was a bank holiday. I'm really disappointed that I wasn't able to try this place out especially since it was by far the most vegan friendly place in Galway and the surrounding areas. They have many tasty vegan options, so I really hope to get back to Galway at some point and try it out. If you pay Food for Thought a visit, please leave a comment and tell me how it was!

Note: There are also several establishments that offer vegetarian cooked breakfasts that can be made vegan. We found one above a bakery the morning we tried to eat at Food for Thought.

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