Saturday, July 25, 2020

Traveling Vegan: Derry, Ireland

Traveling Vegan: Derry, Ireland

Like everyone else on planet Earth, we love the show Derry Girls. Belfast being my husband's hometown, there were so many details to enjoy. On our latest trip to Ireland, I had to take a trip too Derry to see what it was all about. While battling the incessant Irish rain, we walked the cobbled streets and walls surrounding Derry enjoying wonderful views of the city and neighborhoods. While not overflowing with vegan options, the ones they have are delicious and I can only see more options coming on the horizon. 

5 Bishop St
BT48 6PL
United Kingdom
+44 28 7136 2636

All Vegan?: No
What's on offer: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Pros: Location, Seating, Fun atmosphere 
Cons: Not all vegan, lack of vegan desserts 
Highlight: Vegan English breakfast
Rating: 4/5

Traveling Vegan: Derry, Ireland
9ine Hostages Coffee Co.
2 Waterloo St.
Derry BT48 6HE
United Kingdom
+44 7563 589358

All Vegan?: No
What's on offer: Coffee, small plates
Pros: Books to read, lots of upstairs seating
Cons: Not many vegan options 
Highlight: Avocado toast 
Rating: 3/5

What are your favorite vegan spots in Derry? Let me know in the comments!

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