Traveling Vegan

United States:
Austin, TX
Berkeley, CA (updated 9/2/17)
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Chico, CA
Cleveland, OH (updated 5/29/18)
Denver, CO 
Lake Tahoe, CA 
Las Vegas, NV (updated 12/11/18)
Los Angeles, CA (updated 8/15/18)
New York, NY
Oahu, Hawaii (updated 8/17/17)
Oakland, CA (updated 3/4/18) 
Ojai, CA
Orlando, FL (updated 9/19/19)
Portland, OR (updated 10/6/16)
Rohnert Park, CA
Salem, MA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA (updated 9/20/19)
San Jose, CA (updated 9/20/19)
Santa Cruz, CA (updated 3/4/18)
Seattle, WA
Sebastopol, CA
Washington, D.C. (updated 9/19/19)

Vancouver, B.C.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Belfast, Ireland (updated 8/3/2020)
Berlin, Germany 
Cambridge, England
Derry, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Galway, Ireland 
London, England (updated 12/11/18)
Paris, France

unlinked cities equals coming soon!

I try my very best to keep these pages as current as possible. Before you visit the establishments mentioned in the above posts, please double check that they are still vegan, open, etc.

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